A wood-frame townhouse in Brooklyn that is only 20 feet wide by BFDO Architects

BFDO Architects renovated 20th Street House, a 20-foot wide wood-frame townhouse with a small side yard and front and rear extensions. They redesigned the layout and modified the dimensions of the rooms by cutting and enlarging the volume in certain areas. At the front, a covered porch and a vestibule have been sculpted into the volume allowing the door to be placed perpendicular to the street. This prevents visitors from entering the main room directly, as is the case for most townhouses.

The architects’ incorporated skylights, corner windows, and floor-to-ceiling windows to provide the necessary natural light for the final unit. The rear extension has been extended to 15 feet wide to make way for a new kitchen and office area.
To ensure that the newly thinned front part of the stairs is clear of the rest, the stairs have been moved to the other side and are now illuminated from a skylight above.
Corner windows provide additional natural light while increasing diagonal views.

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